Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kerry Calls for End to Iraq War

John Kerry who yesterday confirmed that he will not be seeking another tilt at the Presidency, has committed himself to fighting to end the war in Iraq.

Kerry believes that it is wrong to send people to die in a war based on other people's mistakes.

Kerry has set up a new website,, which he will use to campaign for the end of the war in Iraq, and bringing the troops home. Head to the site to watch the Kerry address. It's an impressive peformance from someone who is no longer running.

"Senator John Kerry's goal is to end the war in Iraq. To do that, he will be introducing legislation to set a deadline for Bush to end the war. We need your help to get this done."

He has confirmed that he will be running again for the Senate in Massachusetts in 2008, which will enable him to continue the fight.